Around Town + Object Love = Succulents

Hmm…I think this post combines two topics, Around Town which I've shared and Object Love which is new. Object Love is like show and tell. It's intended to share objects that I find interesting. Perhaps you will too!

Topic #4…Object Love.


Over the holiday weekend, my lovely mother and her wonderful boyfriend hauled a pick-up truck full of succulents, soil, pots and tools to our place for planting [or is it potting?] on our barren deck. The survival rate on our deck for the last 10 years has been grim. It never occurred to me that succulents could be the answer until I was admiring them in my mom's garden. And by all accounts, they don't need much, so they should be well matched with my minimal TLC.

I love these plants. They come in so many textures, shades and shapes. I like how they can be randomly combined or just use one type in different sizes for critical mass.

Mixed succulents

Succulent leaves

Mamma baby cacti

Coincidentally, I've been wanting to visit Flora Grubb Gardens, the namesake of the owner. What a name! Talk about your name reflecting your vocation. Anyhow, I've read articles on the new location and heard great reviews from friends.

So, before we got to planting, we headed over to Flora Grubb's. The design of the gardens and site were amazing. It's an oasis in an industrial part of town. It's modern and simple. The site is propped with an old pick-up truck and car surrounded by plants, great retail strategy. Unfortunately, we didn't get to try the coffee as it was not staffed while we were there.

Flora sign

Flora truck

Flora dome

What I didn't realize was the breadth of succulents and cacti I would find. BEAUTIFUL! They even had bug eating plants…very cool.

Flora plans

I would say it's definitely worth the trip to Flora Grubb, even if you don't intend to buy anything. Get a cup of coffee, wander through the gardens and enjoy touching the plants. Be careful of the cacti though! I got a good piercing that still hurts when I think about it.