Crafty Things…a Small Smock

I've been observing and following the crafting community via the internet for a year now. Two blogs, which are tremendously popular, have been a constant source of inspiration and information for me, angry chicken and purlbee. It's amazing how much people love to share their handiwork, ideas and tips. So, I've decided to participate in this huge and sharing community by giving back.

Sharing topic #5…Crafty Things.


Before I proceed any further, I'm going to state my disclaimer [or CYA note as we like to call it]. I am not a formally trained seamstress or pattern maker. I took a sewing class in 8th grade, I disliked it tremendously. It was boring and slow and full of girls. I much preferred my woodshop class with hand tools, power tools and testosterone. I also loved the precision of a hard material that you could shape and form. So, I gave up sewing after one semester and never looked back…until college.

Long story short…I studied industrial and product design in school. I designed a theoretical product that was made from fabric. I had to learn how to make a tangible object that fits the body from a sketch. I LOVED IT! So, here I am today, still trying to sew things from my sketches. I learn from books, blogs and just ripping things apart. It's extremely gratifying to me when I complete a project, big or small. I look forward to acquiring more skills and knowledge as I continue this pursuit.

With all that being said, please feel free to use any project here as a guide or starting point. I will do my best to give enough information to complete the project I have posted.

A Small Smock

This smock was originally made for kindergarten students, meaning they had to be able to put it on and secure it without assistance. I used velcro tabs for easy on and off, but feel free to experiment with buttons or ties. The project is very basic and ready for embellishment. Have fun!

What you'll need:

Download smock_pattern.pdf

  • Fabric
  • Bias tape approx. 4 yards [more if doing a pocket]
  • Velcro, ribbon, buttons, or anything else you want to do with the "closure"


What to do:

1. Print out pattern. I am assuming most people print 8.5" x 11", so you will have to "tile" the pages together.

2. Trace or pin pattern to fabric and cut.

3. With RIGHT sides together, stitch across shoulders.

4. Sew the shoulder seam flat on the WRONG SIDE. This is my lazy method for a fell seam.

5. Cut pocket if using and sew bias tape across top. Pin in place.

6. Sew bias tape around neckline.

7. Make tabs for closure. Cut [2] 4" x 5" pieces of fabric. Fold in half, RIGHT sides together, along 5" side and sew across bottom and one side. Turn right side out and top stitch around 3 finished sides. Sew loop side of velcro [approx. 2" long] at finished edge of tab. Repeat for other strap.

8. On WRONG side of the back piece, pin tabs where indicated on pattern. Make sure to pin the unfinished edge of tab to align with the edge of the smock and loop side of velcro facing DOWN. Pin other tab.

9. Sew bias tape around unfinished edge of smock. I usually use one long piece of binding about 3 yards. If using the pocket or tabs from the pattern, make sure the edges are sewn between the binding.

10. Flip tab over so loop side faces up and away from smock. Stitch down the tab along outside edge of bias tape. Repeat for other strap.

11. Sew hook side of velcro to front of smock. DONE!


The bias tape on the red smock is "hand made" as opposed to store bought. I love to make binding because most of my projects are simple, so a patterned binding adds detail without being fussy. Purlbee has a great tutorial on making your own bias tape. And, check out Angry Chicken's hilarious demo on sewing with bias tape.