Phew…Happy Thanksgiving!

It's been a long time since I've tended to the blog! Family, work, holidays and back-tack 4 [I'll elaborate more on the back-tack experience once the exchange is over, I must keep things a surprise!] have been my focus the last several weeks. It seems the majority of my obligations and deadlines have been met, and now, I can enjoy the holiday season.

The gift list is shaping up nicely…a good combination of handmade by me, handmade by others and small, overpriced designerly objects.

While my fingers were doing the walking for some early Xmas shopping, I came across these beautiful Japanese craft scissors at


I also came across these at the Met in NYC last month!

Pretty fascinating how a single object has not changed over thousands of years…at least I think so.

Husband if you're reading…HINT, HINT!