Around Town‚ and in Town…Enjoying the Holidays

With so much travel behind us in 2008, we are staying put. Christmas decorations are out, cards are being written, crafts are being crafted and shopping has commenced.

Speaking of shopping…I'd thought I would share a few of my favorite places in SF for gifts and treats:

Flora Grubb for the person who could use some green in their enviroment.

Miette for all things sweet and lovingly packaged.

Velvet Da Vinci for unique, amazing artist jewelry and metalwork.

De Vera for unusual objects for the person who needs nothing…or has everything!

Tampopo has a gift for EVERYONE on your list. My absolute favorite place for finding last minute gifts and just poking around.

Paxton Gate of course!

My regular on-line resources…

The Wooden Wagon has a great selection of toys for imaginative and educational play. Plus they carry a nice selection of natural, non-toxic art supplies.

Willow Tree Toys for more Waldorf and Montessori inspired toys and costumes. Actually, the costumes are amazing and we just love them in our house.

Quiet Hours Toys is a fantastic resource for artisan crafted toys. The crayon rocks, well, ROCK!

Labour and Wait is a shop in London that has a superb selection of products for kitchen, home and garden. I'm still disappointed that I didn't make it to the store during our London trip!

DWR Tools for Living site offers a similar point of view and product selection as Labour and Wait. But honestly, I can't stand ordering from their site as it's slow and clunky. Plus, I just haven't had good luck with product inventory. I've been to the 2 store locations, New York and Santa Monica respectively, and had a much better experience. Hopefully, they will open a location here in SF.

More Christmas Around Town…

Last Saturday evening we packed a thermos of hot chocolate and headed over to Union Square to see the Christmas tree, do some ice skating and look at the puppies and kittens in the Macy's windows. A fun outing if your up for some chilly weather and crowds.

The Christmas tree in Union Square