Got it!

I just received my back-tack package from pillarboxred! A very exciting moment indeed, especially since the package has journeyed from Scotland.

I was the lucky recipient of some lovely handmade, delicious and aromatic gifts! What an early Christmas gift…

A gorgeous painted and clever card. The pictures don't do it justice, inside the black cut-outs spells Merry Christmas.

My treasures waiting to be opened

My treasures…opened! A very sweet doll, the best shortbread [REALLY!] that is light and flaky and not too sweet, an intricate beaded purse and notebook inside, a beaded star that smells just like Christmas should, and an awesome scarf with a huge button that is perfect for me.

The scrumptious shortbread survived the long journey perfectly in this little pail…not a single one broken!

The doll in detail…I think I'll name her Pilar!

Again, the picture just doesn't do this star justice. First of all, you can't smell the wonderful spices inside, and secondly, the color scheme and quality of the fabric don't come through. Trust me, it is quite elegant, and I can't wait to put it on our tree.

Did I mention that EVERYTHING was handmade? Thanks so much R for the gifts!

Happy Holidays!