Around Town + Small Stuff…Curl Up & Dye

Yeah, I know, it seems like most entries have been Around Town recently. This is easy to explain. Firstly, as I've mentioned in previous posts, my professional schedule has lightened up for the remainder of the year [knock on wood it only because of the holidays!], and secondly, I can't share any of my crafting as it is centered around gifts I will be giving!

One topic that I have been meaning to include as part of this blog is Small Stuff, an area that's all about kid stuff. My hope is that my son will participate with his "2 cents" on his favorite books, toys, food, adventures‚ anything! When he chooses not to provide his opinion, a rare moment indeed, I'll be giving mine‚ as always.

Off and away to topic #6…Small Stuff.

Mourning the Loss

It's not as dramatic as the title sounds, and some of you might think I'm over reacting. Others, I'm finding, can sympathize. You see, last week I took my son to have his first professional haircut. Until then, I was the one responsible for his lopsided, fluffy hair.

I was so caught up in convincing him it was time to visit a real barber, that I did not think of what the outcome would be once I got him in the seat…SHORT HAIR! DUH!! So, I'm mourning the loss of his longish rockstar hair.

Honestly, it was a great experience for my son. I'm convinced this sign is only reason he agreed to do it.

Ally, the owner, was awesome! She struck up conversation about movies and monsters and the rest was history. D. loved her and said she was "cute and really nice and I'd like to visit her again".

So, are other mothers of boys saddened by the loss of long locks? I'd be curious to hear your stories!

Curl Up & Dye is located on Treat Street between 18th & 17th Streets.