Object(s) Love…Stingray + Peonies

I love show and tell!

Here are some recent gifts to myself. Can you guess what the material is?

Stingray! [I guess I supplied the answer in the heading] I've been infatuated with stingray skin for about 2 years now. The first time I saw stingray, it was an embossed pattern on leather. But that imitation just did not do the actual skin justice. The texture is amazing, like hundreds of glass beads. It is also incredibly tough…like armor. Really!

I discovered these items separately. The card case I purchased at Aldea in the Mission, and the bangle at Bettina on Sacramento Street. Of course, my curiosity got to me and I searched on Etsy for "stingray". My favorite result…Unearthed. It's a two woman, sister operation in Los Angeles turning out all sorts of beautiful and exotic bangles and accessories. It appears that my card case could have been made by them. You can also read about their sources for their materials which are all by products [FYI].

I have my finger on the trigger for this beauty. This is is also occupying my thoughts…


Sorry to all my animal rights and vegan friends! Perhaps these gems will assuage your shock.

You'd think it was Chinese New Year around here with tangerines and peonies on the table as opposed to Christmas! Peonies are magical to me. I love that they start as a tightly formed orb and exploded into mass of tissue like petals. And they also have such a nice, soft scent. The only down side is limited availability.

Thanks for checking in!