Christmas…4 Days and Counting

Hope all of you are enjoying your holidays and your family! We are ready and excited for Christmas Day. Unfortunately, small guy has a cold, but I think he will recover for "the big day".

It's raining again, and I'm glad for it. Honestly. It gives me permission to be inside enjoying our decorations and fit in some last minute crafting.

Here are some pictures of the tree and its ornaments…

It's really hard to see the ornaments in the daytime photo because the majority of the ornaments are clear glass. The nighttime photo shows them glowing, but they just look like lights.

Some close-ups…

I know our tree isn't "colorful" or perhaps "merry", but I think it's quite elegant. I love the subtle Victorian palette of the balls and the different textures of the glass ornaments. Best of all…you can see the tree!! The ribbon provided and applied by husband was the final touch the tree needed!

Here is our pop of color…

D got his own tree to decorate with the orphan ornaments and his crafts. This is completely self-serving as you can imagine. It keeps the peace, and we all get to decorate to our own fancies. Next year we should really purchase the living tree. Anybody have any luck with replanting a living tree?

Finally, our Christmas pyramids and nutcrackers…

This year's addition is Papa Drosselmeyer, center. He was too cute to pass up holding a
small nutcracker of his own.