Small Stuff + Object Love…Who says boys can't play with dolls?

Per my boys' [both young and old] request, I'd like to introduce Mr. Teutonic and Mr. Outremer. They arrived on Christmas day, dressed in their finest and prepared for battle.

These fellows are unbelievable, and the three of us are amazed at the detail and historical accuracy of their weapons and clothes. When we play with these knights, I can't help but think, "How did they sew this much detail into something so small?" Jeepers!

D has welcomed them into his room, built a fortress and prepared their meals. His rule is "no weapons in the dining hall." They must be kept in the weaponry room. Except the daggers, because you need the daggers to eat. Oh, and there could be a surprise attack by the enemy, so it's good to have a dagger…just in case. They must also meditate in their own rooms. Hmmm, not sure where the root of that comment stems.

I am concerned that both husband and son will want to amass an army of these "big knights" similar to our armies of "small knights". We'll see how it goes.

I must say, I enjoy peeking in on the two of them setting up camp and making dinner for their "dolls". But, I've saved the best for last…the helmet! AWESOME!

Carry on,