Around Town…Paxton Gate Curiosities for Kids!

As I fantasize of designing, curating and operating a "toy store", Paxton Gate up and does it…Paxton Gate's Curiosities for Kids! I'm happy to announce, it is done pretty darn well!

This is the shop to visit if you are looking beyond the plastic, Disneylike saccharin objects that are ubiquitous today. In true Paxton Gate fashion, they continue their Victorian, natural sciences meets slightly macabre aesthetic and curation into the new store. With some detective work, you can probably find most of the product selection on-line or in other small boutiques, but what's nice about PG Curiosities for Kids is they've done the work for you.

My favorite objects in the store are a knitted dissected frog and mouse. You must see to believe. The stuffed animal "mounts" are also humorous and quirky.

Some of our booty for the Christmas stocking…

Roald Dahl and Joseph Cornell, two household favorties. I guess these won't fit into the stocking.

More Owly Shadow Puppets.

In the store, they have a lovely area set up for shadow play performances. Super cute and inspiring. Unfortunately, they wouldn't let me photograph it, so you'll have to see for yourself. For those of you who live outside SF, you can also purchase the shadow puppet screen from Owly Shadow Puppets' Etsy shop if available. [While we're on the subject of shadow puppets, check out Orange Moon Toys.]

An ammonite, two sea urchins, a compass and African porcupine quills from Paxton Gate. THESE will fit in the stocking.

A great place to do some Christmas shopping for little kids and big kids!