crafty things…Kindergarten and kindercones

Do you remember your first day of kindergarten? I do. It was horrible…standing at the bus stop crying with my grandma standing nearby. I wish I could say the tears were for fear of going off to school by myself, on a bus on which I did not know anyone. Instead, I was crying because I had watched Winnie the Pooh before leaving the house, and poor, poor Eyore was being ostracized. This is the only thing I remember about kindergaten!

Naturally, I wanted D's first day [and year!] to be sweeter and filled with loving and tasty memories. So I made this… Schulte.

Actually, I made three. The picture below is from my friend who was smart enough to take pictures BEFORE giving it. Pretty nice goodies inside…postcards, stickers, stamps, markers, and a great alarm clock [to which I will give its own post].

I got the idea to make these while browsing through this catalog. Of course, I HAD to make my own, because it would be more special‚ right? Not really. It's just my freaky "control freak" personality getting the best of me. Plus, I just needed to sew SOMETHING!

This cutie pie got the third schultute. You can get an idea of the size and shape.

By all accounts, all three kindercones were well received. I'm not sure if the tradition is giving the cones just for kindergarten or for the beginning of every new school year, but I made them out of fabric so they can be used for the next 12 years…I hope!