Around Town…Presidio Social Club

One of the hang-ups that has prevented me from blogging sooner is the absence of a theme or the lack of a singular topic like books, sake, fly fishing or cupcakes. Unfortunately, I don't have the attention span [or time] to solely devote an entire blog to a single subject, and, as odd as it sounds, I need SOME structure or parameters for any creative endeavor, personal or professional. So the initial thinking for Fiddlesticks & Nonsense is to create 4-5 topics that will enable any or all family members to participate and contribute [with the understanding, of course, I get to art direct].

Here is our inaugural entry for topic #1 Around Town…enjoy!

Sunday dinner at the Presidio Social Club.

Ironically, I just recently learned about this local restaurant while traveling this summer! I was also surprised to discover that they have been open for almost 2 years [note to self: leave the `hood and explore more of the city!]. The article was complimentary of the food and the photos were great, so we gave it a try.

The building located in the Presidio has an interesting history as the enlisted men's barracks. The exterior gives no clues that the interior is a restaurant, but that's the most interesting element about PSC.


The bar, cocktails, menu, interior and location were excellent.

They even had "entertainment" for little people! How awesome is this?

But despite all the promise, the food was OK as was the service. Would we go there again? Yes, but I would order the really traditional items like mac `n cheese or fish and chips. I would also insist on sitting in the main room as opposed to the back room, where as we discovered is where families are seated. If any of you go, let us know your thoughts and experiences.