good to Know…Good books

The home library acquired some new additions over the holidays. Some were gifts, and the others chose me [wink, wink].  I wish I could give a thorough review of each book, but I've only skimmed and skipped through each.

I'm so pleased with them, I wanted to pass them along.  

First up is…The Art of the Table.  You think at 37, with a family of my own, I would be able to set a proper table. I can, sort of, but with the assistance of this book I'll be able to set any table for any occasion. It's a great mix of history, guidelines, reference and instruction.  It's not at all "uppity", but informative. Beyond table setting, it's really about hosting and bringing all of your skills together to make for enjoyable gatherings.


Next…The Winter Solstice  I picked this up at the Muir Woods' gift shop after our hike. Unfortunately, it was after Christmas, but as I discovered from my initial readings, there are celebrations and rituals beyond 12/25 and separated from faith.  This book answers unasked questions like "what is a Yule Log" and gives several "theories" of Santa. Great reading for the upcoming year and wonderful inspiration for creating our own family rituals. 


Last…The River Cottage Family Cookbook. I love this book.  It's intended for the whole family, but even if you don't have children, it's still a great addition to any cooking library. Why? It gives you the "whys" and the "hows" of food and cooking.  Plus, it provides projects like growing tomatoes and making butter!  I'll keep you updated on our experiences with this book. Its full of great recipes and information.


Happy reading,