Tasty things…Shake it up…ooh…ooh

As our weekend was winding down Sunday evening, I decided to shake things up…literally!  

We finally got around to that butter project in The River Cottage Family Cookbook. I was able to enlist D for the first few minutes of shaking, but he quickly lost interest and chose to do some "art making" instead. So, alone I was in my pursuit to shake cream into butter. After 10 minutes of shaking, sure enough, the fat and liquid separated and this was the product…

D and husband were only mildly interested which I find ironic since they are the butter lovers in the house. Perhaps if we had made some cornbread or scones, the boys would have rallied around the butter experiment. In any case, I know what buttermilk is and how it is made.  And, I also know how to whip cream without a whisk…just in case we're out camping, and we forget the whisk.

Shake it up!


ps - I'll try not to reference anymore pop songs in subsequent posts!