tasty things + around town…Manhattan Mondays

The Manhattan, my new cocktail of choice. Actually, I've never had a "cocktail of choice", but I've always wanted to. Perhaps it's the images of old Hollywood glamour sipping cocktails so elegantly that I romanticize about. Maybe, it's a signal that I've finally crossed the line from being a girl into a woman [don't get me wrong, I don't think alcohol defines womanhood].

I think the desire to have a "go to" drink is just to stir things up [pun intended] now and again. There are times when ordering wine seems inappropriate and you don't feel like having a beer.  Like those times when you're at a really great bar. A real old skool, OG, bar. You know what I mean? 

How did I choose the Manhattan? I didn't; husband did. On one of our date nights, husband asked the bartender for a Manhattan. I thought he was speaking a foreign language, because during our ten years together, husband has ALWAYS ordered a martini. So when the drink hit the deck, the lovely amber color, presented in a martini glass, garnished with a cherry peaked my interest. YUMMY! It was the perfect balance of spicy and sweet. But what I like best about the Manhattan is that it can be labeled a "classic". Now, when I order a Manhattan, I can feel muy macha and feminine at the same time.

Shortly after the discovery of my new found libation, we happened across a great shop on 3rd Street at Market, Cask


We purchased some nice liquid Christmas pressies and treated ourselves to the Manhattan essentials: bourbon, sweet vermouth and bitters. I fell in love with these shot glasses we picked up for a friend. I think they might almost deserve their own post.

So we've instituted "Manhattan Mondays". I was inspired by SF Girl by Bay's post about glamour and questioning the fun of "formal" for everyday or for no occasion at all.  I don't think I'll break out the cocktail dress , but I won't be in a hurry to jump into some comfy clothes and fluffy slippers during cocktail hour. While husband gets to enjoy his new cocktail shaker and perfect the ratio of whiskey and vermouth to our liking, I'll put on some lipstick and perfume. Who knows what will happen.



For all the locals, here's a great NY Times article mentioned by a friend about SF and the great cocktails that are being born, or reborn in the Bay Area.