Around Town…Cavallo Point + Muir Woods

Earlier this week, we took a very short trip across the Golden Gate Bridge for a final hurrah in 2008…night at Cavallo Point Lodge in Sausalito. It's been in operation for 6 months now, but there's been quite a buzz about this new hotel for the last year.

Green and sustainable
Amazing views
Family friendly
Beautiful accommodations
Incredible grounds
Friendly staff
Next door to Bay Area Discovery Museum
Restaurant & bar

I know I listed "amazing views" already, but here's the proof! This was our view from our room and patio. Watching the fog roll in and out still mesmerizes me.

Our room

Delicious, organic fruit

Rocking chairs at the main building that provide views of the bay and the bridge

I still think they need to iron out some of the operational issues, but I'm sure over time they will be running smoothly. The only chink in the armor is the restaurant, Murray Circle. Perhaps it could have been an "off night", but the service was spotty and SLOW and the food was cold! That said, they had a great children's menu. Just the basics like fish sticks and mac & cheese, but prepared and presented quite elegantly. D said, "I feel like I'm being treated like a big person."

We had a wonderful time, although very short. We were very exciting to stay here because we've watched the progress and completion of this project due to our frequent trips to the Bay Area Discovery Museum. I would definitely recommend Cavallo Point to anyone for any occasion.

Muir Woods

After check-out, we headed north about 20 minutes to Muir Woods. I had never been, so I was unprepared for the cold. It's funny how you forget that really tall trees provide a lot of shade! When we arrived, the parking lots were full, so we parked on the shoulder way past the entry. It was like hiking to the hiking trail.

I'm always taken by surprise when I encounter crowds at the National Parks. In my mind, I imagine being in a remote place, enjoying nature and exploring the surroundings. I don't imagine women in stilettos trekking over muddy pathways, or parents pushing strollers on a narrow hillside path. Stilettos and strollers aside, we did enjoy our hike, and we look forward to returning again.

If you plan to go…

make sure you are prepared for the cold. Bring a hat, some gloves, tissues and a thermos of a warm beverage. Watch out for the poison oak; it's everywhere! They have a small cafe and gift shop that sells snacks just in case you're out longer than you anticipated.

Hike on!