back again…really!

Geez, I'm a bit embarrassed about my previous declaration of re-entering the blog world only to be absent for another month! It's safe to say, I've made it over the hump with all the goings on in our life.  

First off, we closed on our house and we are moved in! We've been in our new residence now for two weeks, and it's beginning to feel like home. Surprisingly! We were unsure how we would adjust to living in an old Victorian after loft living for 12 years, but the transition has been smooth and enjoyable. 

Instead of plywood floors, an open floor plan, no closets, no doors, and an industrial neighborhood, we have discreet rooms, plenty of closets [usable closets too! not odd left over spaces that can't even accommodate a hanger], doors for some much needed privacy, a garage and a composting bin! I've come to realize residential living is so civilized. 

I'm excited by our new neighborhood and all that it has to offer. It finally feels like we're living IN San Francisco as opposed to the outskirts of San Francisco. 

The one thing I do miss is this view of downtown.