family…happy birthday

ginger cupcake top.jpg

Things have been a bit gloomy around here. So when my birthday rolled around yesterday, it was a nice pick-me-up that was much needed. D and husband picked out some lovely and very unique presents. It was nice to receive a gift from D that he knew I would like. Generally, his mode of gift giving is to pick out something he likes, let's take Hot Wheels as an example. He will lovingly "wrap" it and give it to us saying "I got this for you, so YOU can play Hot Wheels with ME." 

Anyhow, here are the goods…

2009 bday gifts.jpg

The tarantula and ostrich egg are from D, and I love them! They are a great addition to our shelf of curiosities [which I will post about soon… I need to spend some time capturing the beauty of that collection]. And yes, I like spiders. I think they are amazing creatures and hunters.  The vase is from Whitney Smith. Husband has excellent taste!

ostrich egg.jpg

Can't get over the beauty of this egg! Husband thought is was ceramic; the lady had to convince him it's all Mother Nature's doing. Oh, the cupcake is from Miette, my favorite bakery in town.