around town + tasty things…dynamo donuts!


We had an unexpected treat delivered to us this morning by a friend…fresh Dynamo Donuts! The shop on 24th Street is in our "hood", and I've been keen to walk over there and check out what all the hype is about. Although I missed certain components of the Dynamo Donuts experience such as, the coffee, the literal square hole in the wall with counter and the lines, the donuts were out of this world!!

These aren't your Dunkin' Donuts or Winchell's type donuts. These are gourmet donuts [an oxymoron I know], super fresh with just the right balance of light, soft and chewy combined with spectacular flavor combinations like maple and bacon, lemon and pistachio, and chocolate chipotle. Yummy!

So, for the SFers who haven't experienced the maple with bacon donuts…DON'T WAIT! HURRY, HURRY, HURRY! For those of you who don't live in SF, here's a donut recipe and article from the Dec/Jan Ready Made. 

If my friend is any indication, Dynamo Donuts may become habit forming. When we asked to reimburse her, she just said, "Pay me in donuts!"