crafty things…Katie's quilt

Katie from katie did shared her amazing quilt she made in superhuman time. I know I posted a comment on how beautiful and modern her quilt was, and I'm sure many other people did as well because she posted a follow up tutorial

I was super excited when I read through her posts and discovered she used Kaffe Fassett shot cottons. These are my favorite solids, and I use them almost exclusively. I was doubly excited when Katie also gave the green light to sew the binding on by machine. This bit of information really pushed me to make my first quilt, because I know I don't have the patience or time to hand finish the binding. 

Gleaning information from Katie's tutorial and Joelle's book, Last-Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, I embarked on creating my first quilt. All the materials and supplies were ordered from Purl Soho, a perfect one-stop-shopping for busy people.

This is for D, and it's part of a mini redesign for his room that I've been working on lately.  As you can see, the colored flecks in the carpet were the inspiration for the quilt's color scheme. 

OK, it's not as stunning as Katie's, but I'm pleased with it. It could use more stitching to achieve the puckered look. I also need some serious practice working with such a huge piece of fabric and running it through the machine, but I'm sure I'll get there. As for the binding, I used cotton twill tape and a tape maker. Is that legal? I like the rough and ready quality it adds to the quilt…perfect for a five year old boy! 

Katie, if you're reading, thank you for sharing and inspiring.