object Love…doggie

This is doggie. He belongs to D and has been his constant companion since day one.  As you can see, Doggie has been loved to death. He's threadbare, and I'm at a loss as to how to repair him. Sure, I can fix him up, but that requires altering his appearance and adding material. Will it be the same Doggie? Or will he just be a semblance of Doggie, like Mickey Rourke style? I'm not sure.

Doggie [lovingly named by D] is unassuming and patient. He's organic and natural, and he's the perfect thing to keep D company every night. He's a seasoned traveler, accompanying D on all our travels and vacations. He's a consoler, a good listener and a wonderful guest at tea parties. I'm so thankful for Doggie.




As he rests near my sewing machine, I contemplate "retiring" Doggie and storing him in D's keepsake box. This will allow him to keep his original threads and still be intact…pure. Or do I patch him up and return him to play as usual until D finally outgrows him? Emotionally, I struggle putting Doggie into retirement. You see, Doggie represents D's entire baby and toddler years. As I see the boy in D come into sharp focus and the vestige of his babyhood recede, there are times I wish I could keep D, like he is at this moment, forever. With Doggie still around, I'll always be reminded of my baby boy.

Sniff sniff,