crafty things…an apron or two

Finally, I've hit my stride with aprons! After sewing different types of aprons for the last year now, I've arrived at two styles I enjoy making. It feels good to have an apron or two in the arsenal. 

Kitchen Duty

There is no pattern for "kitchen duty". I just kept cutting and shaping until I came up with a shape that was flattering. What I love most about this apron is its versatility. You can keep it simple and tailored by using bias tape, or flirty and sassy by adding a ruffle along the edge. I'm typically not a ruffle gal, but the juxtaposition of the skeletons and really feminine details, like the ruffles and the wide waistband and ties was too cute to pass up. The fabric, Papel Picado Mexican Muertos by Henry Alexander is a favorite, and it's been in my stash for a long time waiting for the perfect project. I just discovered that it's now out of print, but if you do a google search, you can still find a few sellers carrying this in black, red and turquoise. I scooped up some serious yardage on ebay recently…I love it that much! In fact, I adore most of the Henry Alexander skull and skeleton designs. They are "morbidly alluring" [I read on a sellers site.]

Cocktail Hour

This sweet little "apron" is very easy to make. I call it the Cocktail Apron because it's short and asymmetrical and feels more like an accessory than an apron. Nevertheless, I still think it's super cute, and it makes a wonderful hostess gift. The pattern is from this Japanese sewing book, My Style My Apron. The book is fabulous and provides many ideas for this single apron. The fabric is a cotton/linen blend with a reversible gingham dot pattern. It comes in some fabulous colors, and last time I checked it was on sale at Supperbuzzy.

The aprons in the photos, poorly modeled by yours truly, were made and donated for a fundraising event at D's school. It was hard to say goodbye, but I'll be making some for myself sometime soon.