crafty things…easter preparations


Here is my "mood board" for Easter. I mainly put this together so I could select some fabrics for the table setting and other craft/decorations. Typically, our aesthetic and sensibility is very modern, but for holidays or special occasions, I have an incredible propensity for romantic/victorian/gothic decor. I find it very hard to reconcile the two modes. In fact, this is really my first attempt. And believe it or not, the oversize egg theme was something I've been ruminating about before I picked up the recent issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine.  I have an unexplained affinity for ostrich eggs.

For the decoupage, I've tagged some lovely images in this book.  I may abandoned them if the scanning/photo copying is too difficult given the book's size.

I'm also in the process of acquiring some silver pieces on ebay to complete the display and the table setting. I've entered a crazy bidding war on a specific little item…ughh. 

I'll keep you posted on the progress and preparations for Easter. I'm short on ideas for activities that the grandparents and other adults can do with D. I'd love to hear any ideas you might have.

Thanks for hopping by!