good to know…F&N general announcements

As much as I like concise, focused entries, sometimes there is a need to "unload" random bits of information. So here it goes!


For the SF and Bay Area locals…   San Francisco Sunday Streets are back. If you didn't have a chance to participate last year, make sure you do this year! Bring your bikes, skates, sunscreen, kids, pets and cameras and enjoy traffic free streets. 


Riley G Strapworkscamera straps rock! I received my handmade Speed Racer strap last week and immediately put it to work. Now, I've got my camera ready at all times while out and about, and I don't worry about looking like a tourist with my new strap. Follow his journey of building Riley G Strapworks into a business and see his photography portfolio on his blog.  His photography style makes me want to bring the whole family to SD for a photo session!


And speaking of photos…I've uploaded several new albums to the Photo Gallery link, including one for aprons. Please take a look. The thumbnail to the left features my new favorite apron made from Henry Alexander Regent Skull fabric. I hope you enjoy perusing the pictures and check back frequently as I plan to continually add more photos.

New Neighbors…are popping up at the Purl Beehive. I know most of you found your way to F&N through the Beehive and visit all the other wonderful blogs in this creative blog community. For those of you who haven't visited the Beehive, the Beehive icon in the sidebar will get you there. 

THANK YOU…to everyone who checks in and reads the blog. I love all the comments, so keep them coming!