crafty things…back to basics

I have an on-off love affair with knitting. In the beginning, I was obsessed. I was determined to knit a scarf, hat, sweater, anything for everyone I knew. When I was preggers with D, I knit him sweater after sweater. And then, suddenly, I stopped knitting. Completing projects took longer and longer, and this frustrated me. Concurrently, I began reading the First Man in Rome series [really, really fabulous historical fiction!] which consumed my "free time" for about 2years.

Currently, I'm in love with knitting, but my attention span and time are limited, so I must stick to small and easy projects.  Scarves are perfect for immediate gratification!

Lately, I've had a wandering eye to knitting's cousin, chrocheting. Feeling confident and secure in the knitting arena, I thought crocheting would be a breeze and easy to learn. NOT TRUE…at least for me. In the wee hours of the night, when Doc and D are asleep, I pull out my hook, yarn and The Crochet Answer Book for what feels like a futile attempt to teach myself how to crochet. Argghh! 

I do think I am making some progress, but I'm still reluctant to pull the trigger on starting a project. There are some really cute blankets, toys, and accessories for kids in this book by Lucinda Guy.


I love this book, Simple Crochet, for the black & white instructional photographs and the variety of materials she uses in the projects, such as kitchen twine, leather and fabric scraps. The projects are simple [they appear to be at least] and elegant.

Honestly, what I dream of crocheting is the Babette blanket that I spied at purlbee. In the meantime, I'll keep practicing and searching for that first project.

A frustrated crafter,