family…lucky me!

Here is a small Easter gift I received from Doc and D. It's a wonderful intersection of things I love, crochet [learning to love] and curiosities! 

This scientific crocheted specimen was procured in-store at the Curiosity Shoppe. After some on-line detective work, the creator is Jessica Polka, and her blog is Wunderkammer which means a cabinet of curiosities. 

I realize I'm a latecomer to her work, and this may be old news to most of you. But man, I love her stuff! I squealed with delight when I visited her etsy shop and saw patterns for cuttlefish, squid, octopus, coral and more. Needless to say, I ordered all the patterns immediately!

Have a look at her site and follow the links. The photo on the right is from her flickr stream. It accompanies her article, Sculptural Crochet Primer, which is just the inspiration I need to continue my pursuit of crocheting. 

Safe to say, I will be be spending time with hook, yarn and jpolka's patterns. I'm super, super excited! I love that a thoughtful gift turned into a wonderful discovery. I'm very luck that my boys know me so well.

A Very Happy Crafter,