family…discovery of a caterpillar

This past Sunday we discovered this HUGE caterpillar at my mom's house. It was crawling along the sidewalk in mid-afternoon just waiting to scooped up by some bird or smashed underneath the wheels of D's scooter. D knew right away that it wasn't a butterfly caterpillar, "it's not fuzzy." Curios, Doc did some internet research and learned we had found a white-lined sphinx moth caterpillar. 

When he hatches from a pupae, he will be hummingbird moth! 

D named him Cater Nemo [20,000 Leagues Under the Sea being the current obsession]. We decided to make a little habitat for our new fella and bring him home. I would have never believed that you could see caterpillar poop, or frass as it's called! What's more interesting is Nemo pupates underground. I think it takes about two weeks to complete this cycle. He's "underground" now. I hope he's ok. Will keep you posted on his progress!

Some interesting info and great photos here.

Happy Hatching,


photo of humming bird moth from here.