crafty things…bon bon blanket for a boy

Ahhh, how I love alliteration…

Anyhow, I'm feeling much more confident with my crocheting skills now that I've completed a few small projects. Next up is this Bon Bon blanket for D by Lucinda Guy. In fact, this little gem is the reason I began crocheting.


Isn't it sweet? A bit too sweet for D, perhaps. Here are some color studies in an attempt to make it a bit more boyish. 

I'm still on the fence about proceeding with this project. D likes the diagrams because they look like targets [of course!], but I'm not sure the finished blanket will have the same effect. Crocheting bigger circles could help, but I'm not up for improvising on any pattern just yet. 

Color Scheme C is the household favorite. 

Wish me luck!