object love…penguin classics & a mantel

How did I compile the reading list that is part of my resolutions [see previous entry]? It was completely inspired by beauty.


I know I'm the last on the block to discover these beautiful hardcover clothbound Penguin Classics, but better late than never. [Did I mention I was busy at the end of last year, and completely out of touch with the blog world?] When Doc and I spotted them at the bookstore, I snatched them up. I did judge a book by it's cover, and I'm not ashamed. Actually, I've read one of the books, and I'm embarrassed to admit that's the extent.

Both Doc and I are determined to read them, and I've started Jane Eyre. Reading these will be a time challenge, as my night time reading has been monopolized by Harry Potter for the last several months. All three of us are engrossed in the series, and we read aloud each night as a family. We've cycled through books 1-3 twice now and are currently in the middle of book 4. I'm up for the challenge though and look forward to turning the pages of these lust worthy books. Anyone up for a book club?

Anyhow, these classics look lovely on our mantel, or they WILL look lovely once we rebuild it. In the meantime, we'll just paint it white and move on to other improvements. I'm thrilled that the tile on the fireplace echoes the patterns of the book covers. And that frame…isn't it fantastic? I love that it's massive and decorative and charred and masculine. It's a strong candidate for a mirror above the fireplace. 

Carry on,