crafty things…a book bag

It was time for a new book bag for D. His previous was so dirty and tattered, and I had a need to "make" something.  

I FINALLY used the wax paper stenciling technique, and I love it! I'm extremely pleased with the results. The handles were made from an old belt of D's cut in half which provided the perfect length handles and a ring to clip his water bottle or various Star Wars key chains. 

While I did consider buying a back pack for him, I still think he is too small. The packs that do fit his body really don't hold his library books and other school papers, and he still doesn't have patience to actually unzip the pack. He likes to just dump everything in the bag and run. 

Frankly, this might be the last book bag for him. Sniff, sniff. He's taking control of his wardrobe, and I'm sure the desire for the Spider Man backpack will be to strong to deny. 

Happy Crafting,