object love…all things alice

Four days and counting until Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland opens! As much as I would love to attend on opening day, I won't. In fact, I probably won't see the movie until it's available on iTunes. Doc and I aren't movie-goers. We never have been.

But I'll attend in spirit. Do you think people will go in costume? Will there be pathetic, middle-aged woman like myself wishing they were thirteen again and wearing pinafores, stockings and ribbons in their hair? Perhaps we'll have a little Alice themed evening. The chances are slim of that happening. I will, for sure, wear my Alice apron all day! I'll embarrass my child and my husband, but WTF, you only live once!

Maybe I'll even carry this lovely book around while I wear the apron. I love this cover; it makes me want to dive right into the book.

We're all mad here.