tasty things…japanese sweets

D and I have been spending a lot of time [and money!] at various Japanese supermarkets. We have such a fun time poking around and looking at the different type of foods, and the packaging is just so darn intriguing.

This purchase was all about the packaging! There is debate as to whether this is a lion or dragon, but I think it's a lion. Inside are individually wrapped mochi sweets filled with black sesame paste…yummy! The wrappers are adorable, and I've been saving them all for some yet to be imagined use.

Honestly, I'm the one who enjoys eating these. The mochi is just the perfect texture, chewy but moist and soft, and the sesame paste is a nice delicate, sweet flavor. Doc likes the flavor, but he's indifferent to the texture. D just doesn't like them…at all. 

I've got lots more sweets to share which are all lovely and tasty!

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