family…remodel in progress

Our long awaited remodel has finally begun! We knew when we purchased the house that the kitchen and bathrooms were priority number one. All were quite drab, inefficient, and poorly constructed. 

I thought I'd document and share the progress on the blog. Everyone loves a makeover story, right?

Photos at week 1:

Before - the footprint of the kitchen is quite large, but half of it was used for dining. Lame, since there is a formal dining room with a pass through next to the kitchen. How about that soffit? 

Demo - I love it! It made me happy to see all of this junk in bits and pieces. I only wish I could've swung the sledgehammer a few times. D freaked out when he saw this. It took us by surprise because he's use to seeing and being on job-sites. I guess he just wasn't prepared for his own house to be a job-site. I felt bad. Really bad! But when I told him this is the worst part of the project, and that it will only get better from this point forward, he stopped crying. Ughh, bad mom.

Clean-up - Ahh, light at the end of the tunnel. It's just the beginning, I know, but it feels really good to be rid of that old kitchen. 

So, IF all goes well, the job should be completed in six weeks.