around town…penguins + pajamas

Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were festive, happy and somewhat relaxing. Ours were festive and happy, but not relaxing. It's not a complaint, just the truth.

One activity that that provided fun and interest over the break, was a sleepover, Penguins + Pajamas, at the California Academy of Sciences. I thought the idea of an experience as opposed to an object would be a great gift and new approach to Christmas. Fortunately, it was well received.

Shortly after Christmas, we pulled out our sleeping bags and air mattresses, packed our toothbrushes, and headed over to the museum. The dark and stormy night fueled our imaginations and sparked our excitement. After we stored our gear in the atrium and ate dinner in the cafe, we started to make our way through the attractions enjoying the crowd free experience.

Meanwhile, the winds and rain were wreaking havoc outside while we were adventuring inside. Just as a movie on the Farallone Islands began rolling, the power went out. Brief confusion prevailed, then more confusion.

An impromptu scavenger search and visiting with school friends filled the rest of the evening until bedtime. Who needs electricity!

Our favorite shapshots:


An extremely gorgeous and handsome basilisk

the most elegant orb spider 

expired but regal butterfly

the geriatric albino alligator, claude

sleeping bag mayhem

our camp spot

sleepy time