family…year of the dragon

Tomorrow marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year, making today Chinese New Year's Eve. I previously mentioned how we have instituted our own traditions around this festive international holiday, and this year is no different.

Yesterday, we elbowed our way down Clement Street to buy flowers, moon cakes, and pomelos and tangerines with stems and leaves intact. We finished the final bits of house cleaning to sweep out the bad luck and ill-fortune, and painted our chun lian, or good luck and good wishes for the coming year. [You'll notice in the slideshow that D decided it was more fun to paint Clone Troopers.] 

I'm not superstitious [or Chinese!], but the beliefs and traditions of Chinese New Year resonate with me. D loves the associated activities such as making lanterns, painting good luck characters, eating sweets and receiving hongbao. Best of all, it allows us to experience the many different faces of San Francisco.

I'm looking forward to the Year of the Dragon. Gung Hay Fat Choy!