crafty things…a fishy valentine's


This year's inspiration for Valentine's Cards is the one-and-only Miracle Fish! I remember having one as child and thinking it was magic. Years ago, I re-discovered these at Arch and let out a squeal of delight. As they were only 30 cents apiece, I snatched up a handful to put in Christmas stockings and include in greeting cards throughout the year. 

I stocked up again in preparation for last Christmas, but I forgot about them! So, D and I agreed to use them for his Valentine's cards. We've got a big list this year, so I enlisted my Silhouette machine to take on the majority of the work. 

The card consists of a library pocket with removable card, a vellum fish, a Miracle Fish and [I couldn't resist] a few red Swedish fish. I downloaded the library pocket template from the on-line Silhouette store, and designed the simple graphics. Easy!  

The hard part will be discouraging D from eating too many fish while he fills the little bags.