designerly tidbits…a remodeled kitchen

pot rack_lr.jpg

Finally, a follow-up to the post about our kitchen remodel. It's been two years and I must say that I have not had one complaint about the kitchen. Hmm…there are a few. OK, maybe two, but we love our new-ish kitchen. 

As we talked through and shared our ideal kitchen scenarios, we quickly realized that we wanted a functional kitchen. A kitchen that had a feel of a workshop. A place where you could easily and quickly grab whatever tool or ingredient you needed. We wanted it to feel old and new, period and modern/ish at the same time. So with that as our guiding principle, we began designing our kitchen.

We quickly settled on science lab cabinets for our cabinetry because they are ambiguous. You're not quite sure if they are old or new. Plus, they fit the criteria of "workshop" and "functional" perfectly. And despite the drawbacks of natural stone counter tops, we chose marble for its texture and pattern to offset the clinical feel of the cabinets. 

I think it's beautiful, but more importantly, it's functional.

Thanks for checking in!