crafty things…a Mexico wedding + my silhouette cameo part I

My bestest of best friends was recently married in Los Cabos, Mexico. It was a beautiful, intimate ceremony on the beach. Isn't that sky amazing?  

I knew my girlfriend and her fiance wanted a simple ceremony. They didn't feel the need to have decorations or elaborate flower arrangements. Instead, they focused on a great location, food and drink much to the pleasure of their family and friends. Despite their plan for simplicity, I couldn't help inserting myself and my Silhouette Cameo into the mix.

After sharing some images of wedding papel picado with my girlfriend, she was game for incorporating it into their wedding. So off to work I went designing a custom papel picado [I used a vector file I purchased from istock as a starting point] and using my Cameo to cut away. I was skeptical the machine would be able to handle such fine detail, but I was wrong! The results were fantastic.

The real test for my Cameo was cutting itty-bitty papel picado notes to attach to the maracas that were placed at each seat before the ceremony. I have to say, the reduced size was amazing and more impressive than the larger papel picado. 

Needless to say, the wedding and the entire weekend were a blast. I can't wait to go back to Los Cabos with Doc and D and enjoy some sun and sea together…and margaritas. 

Thanks to Alec & T., the wedding photographers and planners, for allowing me to use their beautiful photos on F&N. You can see more pictures from the wedding on their blog here.