crafty things…Bunny bags

Make it stop! Everything I see is a potential canvas for screening. It's so addicting. These bunny bags were so easy whip up, I made big stack using 18x18 wool felt from a previously abandoned project. These guys will be for D, his cousins (8 boys!), and a few friends.

bunny bag 5.jpg

While I'm in love with the original bunny, this hipster bunny (another Shutterstock acquisition) takes the carrot cake for me. Admittedly, this guy was a bit harder to print due to the fine line work and printing on felt was an added challenge. I think I'll have more success printing on a finer cotton or linen. Stay tuned. I'm not done with this bespectacled Bunny yet. 

Being a hipster, this bunny is more likely to be appreciated by D, now, according to him, that he's "not a little kid" anymore.

Since he's such a young gentleman, I added some almost breath mints, lip balm, a handmade handkerchief and chocolates to his bag. I'll fill a few of these up and stuff them in his Easter basket and save them for future Easter Sundays.

bunny bag materials1.jpg

If you want to make some of your own bags - with or without screen printing - you'll need these tools and materials:

  • 18"x18" wool felt [this will yield 3 bags]
  • 24" ribbon per bag
  • rotary cutter with pinking blade + straight edge
  • sewing machine or sewing supplies [thread or embroidery floss & needle]


  1. Fold fabric in half. Measure and mark at 6" and 12" from short side.
  2. With rotary cutter and straight edge, cut at marks from folded edge to top of fabric. You will now have 3 bags. 
  3. Trim outside edges of two bags with rotary cutter.
  4. Cut ribbon to 24" and fold in half.
  5. Line up edges of bags making sure the scalloped edges are aligned. Pin ribbon 2" from top of bag between layers of fabric on the right side. Place a pin 2" from the top on the left side.
  6. Sew each side of bag from pins to bottom. Make sure you catch the ribbon!
  7. Trim top of bags with rotary cutter.

Happy Crafting,