crafty things…screen printing the Easter Bunny


Screen printed notecards.

Continuing our in-house rabbit theme, I screen printed this awesome bunny I purchased at Shutterstock. I've always wanted to learn screen printing, but was a bit put-off by all the materials, space and sink necessary to do it. Then I discovered EZScreenPrint! It's nothing short of life changing…at least in my own craft world. 

It's pretty darn easy to make a screen, but not fool proof. I feel it's on the pricey side, but if you plan to do it a lot of printing, than you may be able to justify the cost. I certainly did with this one stencil. After several cleanings, the screen is still holding its detail. I'm pretty damn happy with it.

So far, I've experimented with paper and fabric. Paper is pretty easy. Fabric takes a bit more practice and results vary from fabric to fabric, but I was able to pull some great prints as the photos show. 

Ceramics are up next for screening. I'll also enlist Doc and D for original artwork. 

Having fun! F&N


 The screen + squegee + ink


 Bunny onsies for some special babies.