family…a Magic the Gathering Birthday Party

MTG mini mana garland for cake

MTG mini mana garland for cake

I'm in the midst of birthday planning for D, and it occurred to me that I should share last year's party. It was a milestone birthday, ten years old. We went big! It wasn't a big party but a big production.

Between D's art direction, my craft skills and Doc's labor, we turned our living room into a Magic the Gathering (MTG) card room for eight boys. It was awesome! 

I loved putting this party together. There is a lot of content from the story lines and visuals from cards that lend themselves well for crafting. Because people take their MTG seriously, bless them,  finding all the vectors and fonts to create the invites, banners and garland was easy…and free. Of course, I couldn't get on with my kick-ass Silhouette Cameo, which was put into use for every piece of party paraphernalia I made.

I have to admit, when D moved on from his other card games like Pokemon and Yuh-gioh to MTG, I was miffed. I finally learned how to the play the other games, and almost liked them. This old dog wasn't ready for new tricks or card games. But after watching D play against himself for a week during summer vacation, I broke down.  I remembered what it was like playing games by yourself as an only child. So with an open and relaxed mind, I learned. Doc learned. D was over the moon that we could participate in his world, and I was happy we had another family activity we all enjoyed.

Stayed tuned for this year's party…Dungeons & Dragons. Hmphhh…