hello…welcome back!

Where to start? I've had another hiatus from this blog. A very, very long hiatus as the dated entries show. I've been tempted to remove Fiddlesticks&Nonsense from the blog-sphere once and for all, but couldn't bring myself to do it, thanks to little nudges and encouragement from family and friends.

The intent was to take a small break, work on a new layout and find a "focus" for the blog. I believed if I could find that focus or point of view, then creating and sharing content would be easier and simpler. Plus, the blogs I find the most compelling are those with a (mostly) singular focus: food, beauty, health, style.

The cold hard reality…I'm not a focused gal! I'm way too curious to buckle-down and think about a single topic. I love to learn new skills and crafts, design and create experiences, and explore the outdoors with my family. Fiddlesticks&Nonsense is the sweet spot, the nexus, my happy-place, of all these things I love and enjoy.

So, instead of a refresh, this is "welcome back!"

I made this banner for our friends who have been living abroad for the last several years and just returned to the Bay Area. 

Simple to make. Silhouette Cameo to cut letters and embroidery floss to string them together. Once I had the desired spacing and drape of the message, I knotted the strands of floss and crocheted a chain to finish it off.

Hugs & Kisses!                                         F&N

personal…adventures in longboarding


In all seriousness, I should have titled this post How to Make a Jackass out of Yourself because that's how I feel while I attempt to learn how to longboard. For clarification, I don't mean a longboard surfboard, I mean a longboard with wheels! 

What possessed a soon to be 41 year old mom to take up longboarding? Below is your answer!

I came across these inpsirational girls, aka The Longboard Girls Crew, via Design Mom. The first time I watched the video, I knew longboarding was something I wanted to learn. I wasted no time getting a board and roping in a few girlfriends to join me. 

Doc and D are super supportive, and neither think I'm a jackass. The 20 somethings that are skating in the local DMV lot probably think otherwise, but what can you do about that? I don't get a chance to ride as much as I would love to, but Sundays are my dedicated day to get out and have fun. I just like cruising and finding the perfect slope [not ready for hills yet!] to practice carving and attempt a slide or two. It's enough to put a smile on my face [skin a knee or elbow] and leave me wanting more.