family…Dungeons & Dragons party

I've decided to post about this little shindig this year instead of NEXT, which seems to be my mode regarding parties. We kept it pretty simple this year. I was too busy with work to pull out the stops, and I just wasn't feeling D&D creatively. 

Despite all my reservations about a D&D party, it was a success! All the credit goes to D and the Dungeon Master. D spent a lot of time creating characters for his friends, and our Dungeon Master conceived a fantastic "campaign" that kept the boys riveted for 3 hours! 

Of course, I added my crafty bits to the party with the help of my printer,  Silhouette Cameo, and whatever materials I had on hand. I leveraged the most recognizable and essential part of the game, the dice! Who knew there were so many?  The most iconic is the D20, a 20 sided dice. I also threw a game map into the mix to change up the visuals.

Snacks and food were easy, too. I acquiesced to D's request of pizza, root beer and donuts. I was a bit disappointed he didn't request a homemade cake by mama. When I asked why, he said, "A cake isn't special when you bake it all the time." Hmphhh…he had a point…donuts it is!

Some of the boys were new to D&D, others quite familiar and play regularly, but all seemed to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. I'd peek in frequently to see them crowding around the table drawing their fantasy world. I could hear them speaking in character. And I observed them figuring out how to work together to conquer some monster or complete a task. It was fun to see their enthusiasm, and I was happy that D got to share his love of D&D with his buddies.

Now…onto Halloween…my favorite time of year!